Debt Recoveries

Our Debt Recoveries Division has grown from strength to strength and can be considered a stand- alone department headed up by the sole proprietor, Mr Johnston, who is assisted by an integrated team of Attorneys and Para-Legals.

Johnston and Partners over the years have established sound principles in debt recovery that allows Johnston and Partners to be able to collect debt where it may be difficult or inappropriate for a client to do so and where relationships need to be preserved with good clients by pursuing debts firmly but in a respectful manner.

Johnston and Partners is well established in collecting debts, that include debt recoveries on behalf of various banking institutions and large corporate entities. Whilst this has established Johnston and Partners as leading a recovery specialised, Johnston and Partners still remains committed to the smaller creditor and have not forgotten the impact which a bad debt has upon small and medium-sized businesses.

Over the years certain strategies have been developed in obtaining success in recovering monies and in rehabilitating delinquent accounts for clients at all levels by providing a personalised and cost-effective service through the use of sophisticated technology.

In this department we will provide sound advice and do a costs analysis before embarking on any recovery. This cost assessment allows us to determine and provide a cost efficient solution for smaller debts, large high value debts and bulk debts. We will involve the correct strategies and make it abundantly clear to the defaulting debtor the recourse that will be taken and we have every intention of recovering the debt.

Johnston and Partner Attorneys will approach a debt recovery by balancing the debt versus costs principle and provide sound advice on these grounds. This will entail a value judgment based on the amount of the debt and the jurisdiction in which it falls, the debtor’s attitude towards payment; whether the correct documentation to enforce the debt is at hand; the prospects of success if pursued and the costing thereof.

At Johnston and Partners we are always transparent about our fee structures and you can be rest assured that there will be no hidden costing.

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