Litigation is an exceedingly complex area of law and involves the representation of clients in the various Courts of our South Africa including the High, Magistrates’, Appeal, Constitutional and Criminal Courts.

It is imperative that sound legal advice is coupled with proactive solutions in order to provide a viable and acceptable solution to a legal problem.

Johnston and Partner Attorneys are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the procedures of the various courts and will be able to represent you in a wide variety of disputes.

This department concentrates on civil litigation with an emphasis on commercial disputes such as contractual and delictual claims, disputes, insurance and all forms of financial recoveries, business rescue and matrimonial and family matters.

Johnston and Partners is considered a leading commercial litigation firm in the Durban area and represents various commercial entities, corporations and banking institutions in this field.

Recently Johnston and Partners has also concentrated its efforts in the specialised area of personal injury law and resultant claims arising against the relevant statutory bodies.

The litigation team covers a broad range of legal disputes and represents both corporate and individual clients. Our lawyers appear regularly in both the high and magistrates court and before tribunals.

The department has expertise in the following fields:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Debit collections
  • Hire purchase and instalment sale repossessions
  • Insolvency, winding up and judicial management proceedings, offer of compromise and schemes of arrangement
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Long and short terms insurance disputes
  • Mortgage bond foreclosures
  • The perfection of security held under notarial bonds
    • Client representation before other tribunals and statutory bodies
    • Alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration
    • Landlord and tenant disputes
    • Motor vehicle accident claims to recover the damages to vehicles
  • Personal injury claims arising from motor vehicle accidents
    • Long term and short term insurance litigation
    • Commercial litigation
    • Debt collection
    • Mortgage bond foreclosure
    • Insolvency or liquidation proceedings
    • Asset recovery litigation
    • Defamation actions
    • Repossessions in terms of instalment sale transaction
    • Will disputes
    • Property disputes
    • Family law litigation
    • Wrongful arrest and imprisonment

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